who is the author?

My name is Courtney Wiher. This project is one of two projects that I currently have. The other can be found here:

Taking My Own Sweet Time – a collection of my JSOnline Couchsurfing blogs

Life is short and precious. I’m thankful you’ve taken the time to find some joy here at Life with Nonna. Please check out my other blog. It’s not about a rambunctious little old lady, but I have no doubt you’ll still find something to smile about.

14 thoughts on “who is the author?

  1. Good job Courtina, I truly think you could write a book, become a famous author and never have to work again….Love Denise

  2. Courtney…..this is beautiful…..makes me think pf my Grandma. I hope I can meet her someday! Looking forward to reading more. Love you-

    • Pier Luigi, you just answered something that our family has been wondering for YEARS! And wow, I can’t believe Nonna throws that phrase around so much! Wait, yes I can believe it πŸ™‚

  3. Courtney, I am already waiting to read more…..hurry up and write!!! I love how you have captured Nonna so perfectly when I read Lifewithnonna, I could actually hear her speaking! You are an amazing writer, really you are! Now get to it and write more! Love you!

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